Our Services

Know About Us

FIRST WORLDWIDE(FZE) is the premier partner for all businesses that want to engage in international business as well as for those that want to do business in the United Arab Emirates.
FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE) once started as a small company aiming to be a liaison between foreign companies and the Middle Eastern markets. Now many years later, the goal remains the same but the scale and the service offering has significantly expanded. FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE) is now an international player with offices in Dubai, and leased offices in Lebanon,\ Malaysia and Morocco, that offers services in the field of trading, advisory, logistics and product sourcing.

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Vision and Values


We take great pride in our accomplishments and our reputation. It has taken us years to build both our reputation and even longer to build the level of trust that we enjoy from our partners and clients. We are well aware that it only takes one misstep to destroy years of work. That is why we require the highest level of professionalism of every member within our organization. When you enter into a relationship with FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE) you can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises or hidden details further down the road. We like to make clear and transparent agreements at the start of every engagement and then we make sure to live up to them.

Tailored Solutions

‘The customer is king’ or rather ‘the customer is sheikh’ in the United Arab Emirates. We aim to live by that motto. At FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE) we understand that every client is unique and that each company has its own culture. We also understand that every decision can only be made once and that regret always comes too late. Therefore we have chosen to employ a ‘first time right’ approach. An approach in which we design a solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences. A solution that will serve you and your business for many years to come.


We see our clients as partners! We believe in recurring business and long term relations that can only manifest when both parties are reliable, transparent and mutually benefiting in the relation. We commence every project with this philosophy in mind. No matter how small or large the assigned project is, we consider it as an opportunity to earn your trust and as an opportunity to prove our value to you. Nowhere will you be treated more fairly and with respect than at AL FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE).

Thinking Alongside Our Clients

FIRST WORLDWIDE (FZE) we seek to think alongside our clients. We want to understand their viewpoints while we broaden their perception at the same time. We want to cover their points of concerns while emboldening their ambition. We want to encourage their ambition while being a voice of reason whenever needed. We want to know their business as well as they do and use that knowledge to come up with improvements and alternatives to the original idea. We want to think alongside our clients, so that we can help them succeed.